A Team

Giving Back!

In the realm of accomplished athletes, a dedicated and skilled team is the cornerstone of success. My team, affectionately known as the “A” Team, has been in the making since my graduation from university in 2015.

My coaches, an integral part of my team, offer technical expertise, practice sessions, strategic insights, mental resilience training, nutritional guidance, and a meticulously planned schedule. Their multifaceted support ensures I consistently deliver peak performances throughout the year. 

For me, my ‘A’ Team, remains the driving force, a perpetual reminder that greatness thrives in collaborative journeys.


Wael El Hindi

Wael, my coach since January 2022, is a former World No. 8 professional squash player. With a remarkable playing career and commitment to coaching, he founded Kinetic Indoor Racquet Club in Florida to nurture squash talent. His coaching has led juniors to top American rankings and prestigious college placements, including Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Columbia University, and Yale. Wael joined the Professional Squash Association (PSA) in 1999. He ranked among Egypt’s finest players for eight years, achieving a peak World ranking of #8 in 2008. Notably, he won the US Open in 2010 and secured victory for Egypt at the 2011 World Team Championships.

Fitness Coach

Stephane Dal Soglio

Stephane is a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS) based in West Palm Beach, Florida, with over 15 years of experience. He has an impressive track record of training athletes at all levels, from juniors to professionals, including notable names like Coco Gauff and Yulia Putintseva (tennis), Amanda Sobhy (squash), and others. With a diverse background spanning various sports such as squash, tennis, rugby, and track, Stephane’s approach to optimal performance encompasses mobility, balance training, cardiovascular workouts, strength training, injury prevention, specialized footwork training, and personalized goal setting to help athletes achieve their best performance.

Physio Coach

Dr. Aidan Kaye

Based in Philadelphia.  Dr. Kaye prioritizes daily wellness and longevity through innovative treatment at Podium Performance Care. With a fusion of chiropractic care, acupuncture, and movement coaching, he promotes whole body health. Dr. Kaye’s commitment extends to patient referrals for comprehensive care. Holding a DC, MSA, and MSOM, he’s a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner with NHL, NFL, and MLB team experience. Studying in China and New York, he’s well-versed in acupuncture, herbal medicine, and infertility treatments. Since 2022 he is the team Doctor at US Squash! #teamusa

Physio Coach

Dr. Gregory Donadio

Based in South Florida. He is a respected Naprapathic physician with a passion for helping all walks of life. Greg has been certified in a unique soft tissue approach called the facsial distortion model (FDM) which focuses on the fascia component of soft tissue injuries. He has also previously competed in physique and bodybuilding competitions around the country in the National Physique Committee, and holds the title of New Mexico Physique Champion. Greg has worked alongside Dr. Hightower with multiple UFC professionals, NFL athletes and Olympians. They continue to grow as a team, helping people from around the country to change lives and help people live pain-free.


Dr. Nyree Dardarian

Dr. Dardarian holds a position in the Department of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel University and serves as the Director of the Center for Nutrition & Performance. She is a Board-Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and holds the role of Director of Sports Nutrition for esteemed professional sports teams such as the Philadelphia Union (MLS) and the Philadelphia Flyers (NHL), along with members of Team USA for Squash and Field Hockey. Amanda has been working with Nyree since coming back from her Achilles rupture in 2017.

Mental Coach

Jesse Engelbrecht

Jesse, a former squash professional, has transitioned into a high-performance coach specializing in squash and sports psychology. He is the visionary behind SportMind and SquashMind, an application designed to enhance the mental aspects of sports and squash performance, equipped with comprehensive tools for athletes to master their psychological game. Amanda’s collaboration with Jesse commenced in April 2022, aimed at refining her mental game on the court.

Family Suport

As a professional squash player, my family’s unwavering support has been integral to my journey. They’ve fueled my dream of becoming a world-renowned athlete, providing both motivation and emotional strength. Their belief in me bolsters my confidence, and their sacrifices underscore the vital role families play in athletes’ paths. With their steadfast backing, I’m determined to keep pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in my career.