Amanda Sobhy A-Team

A Team

Although Amanda is on the court by herself when competing, her success as an elite athlete is a team effort. It is the collective support of “The A Team”, along with Sponsors, that makes it possible for Amanda to pursue her goal of realizing her full potential as a professional squash player.

THE A TEAM PARTNERS- Any successful venture requires a significant investment to lay the foundation for success. The A TEAM PARTNERS and their support make it possible for Amanda to have training facilities, expertise, equipment and nutrition essential to the development of an elite athlete’s potential.


Meet The Team

Amanda’s squash coaches provide her with the technical training, practice sessions, strategy insights, mental focus and strategically planned practice and training routines to help Amanda prepare, and be at her peak performance level for tournament play throughout the year.


Thierry Lincou
Thierry Lincou

Former World #1 and World Champion
Head Coach, MIT
Started working with Amanda Sept. 2013
Thierry is a former world #1, world champion, and one of the most accomplished Squash players to have ever played. Born and raised in Reunion Island, a French island off the coast of Southeast Africa, Thierry is known for his unbelievable movement and being one of the fittest players on tour. In 2012, Thierry retired from the professional tour and moved to Boston where he is now the head coach of MIT and the primary coach for Amanda.
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Shahid Zaman
Nyree Dardarian

Amanda started working with Nyree in November 2017 when she was rehabbing her Achilles injury down in Philadelphia. Being a licensed & registered dietician and having worked with professional athletes, Nyree changed Amanda’s diet and perception of food to have it fuel her muscles and maximize her performance on court. Since working with Amanda, Nyree provides weekly calls to go over her training schedule and meal planning. Amanda has realized that it’s not only just the squash & fitness training that matters, but also the nutrition and hydration that are just as important.


Amanda works with Micah multiple times a week to improve her speed, agility, explosiveness, strength, endurance, and flexibility in order to enhance her performance on court all while staying injury free and healthy. His training specializes specifically in squash movement and specifics, which translates to help Amanda’s movement on court.
Micah Logan
Owner of Next Level Fitness & Wellness in Boston
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Started working with Amanda Sept. 2015

Colleen Carney

Colleen first started working with Amanda at the 2011 Women’s World Junior Championship in Boston, MA. Since then, she has worked with Amanda all throughout her 4 years at Harvard, and now continues to work on Amanda as her Massage Therapist. It is essential to have the proper recovery and treatment regularly in order to stay injury free and to refresh the body, so Amanda will always see Colleen before and after tournaments, and during heavy training blocks in order to keep her body functioning at the highest level.
Colleen Carney
Owner of Back in Motion
Clients include athletes from MLB, NBA, NFL, PGA, USTA, PSA, and more
Started working with Amanda Aug. 2011

Amy Gross

Amanda works with Amy to mentally prepare for competition, in order to maximize performance. Focusing on the mental aspects of squash helps Amanda stay on top of her game before, during, and after tournaments. Amy is the founder of Pillars4Performance, a coaching and consulting company that helps individuals and teams enhance their performance and reach their potential.
Amy Gross Founder of Pillars4Performance
Started working with Amanda March 2016
Owner of Next Level Fitness & Wellness in Boston
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Amanda Sobhy Family

I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dream of becoming the best in the world at squash without the support of my family.