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In My Own Words: Squash’s Amanda Sobhy gives emotional firsthand account of tearing Achilles

n this new series, professional squash player Amanda Sobhy shares her journey with readers as she recovers from an Achilles tear and subsequent surgery. In this first installment, Sobhy details what it felt like when she first tore the tendon during a high-stakes tournament in South America. On March 10, I tore my left Achilles […]

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In My Own Words: Squash’s Amanda Sobhy is on a mission to have as much fun as physically possible in a walking boot. And she’s killing it.

In this ongoing series, professional squash player Amanda Sobhy, who was ranked No. 7 in the world last year, shares her thoughts, struggles and triumphs as she recovers from Achilles surgery. I can’t believe 12 weeks have passed since I had surgery for a torn Achilles. When I first ruptured it (during a match in […]

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In My Own Words: Amanda reveals how she found happiness after Achilles Surgery

In My Own Words: Squash’s Amanda Sobhy reveals how she found happiness after Achilles surgery By Amanda Sobhy APR 25, 2017 Shared from: If you’ve ever been seriously injured, you already know what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t, well, let me tell you. Enduring a debilitating injury is incredibly hard. In fact, […]

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Meet the Venus and Serena of squash

Can Harvard’s Amanda and Sabrina Sobhy bring a sport for One Percenters to the rest of us? JUST AFTER NOON on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the first American-born squash player to reach the top 10 in the world rankings appeared destined to lose. Already down two games to one in a best-of-five match, 21-year-old Amanda […]

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6 things to know about Amanda Sobhy, the top U.S. squash contender at Worlds Championships at Union Station

Amanda Sobhy may not be the most recognizable name to most Chicagoans, but the city represents a lot for America’s highest ranked squash player. When the world’s No. 10 player takes on England’s Julianne Courtice in the first round of the Professional Squash Association’s World Championships on Saturday at Union Station’s Great Hall, it will […]

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Meet Amanda Sobhy, A Harvard Graduate And The Highest-Ranked Pro Squash Player In U.S. History

As a senior in high school in 2011, Amanda Sobhy was among the roughly six percent of applicants accepted to Harvard University. It was the culmination of her hard work in the classroom and on the squash court, where she was the reigning junior world champion. She knew an Ivy League degree would put her […]

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Sobhy: Reaching The Top 6 Again Would Be An “Unbelievable Feeling”

Sobhy: Reaching The Top 6 Again Would Be An “Unbelievable Feeling” March 10, 2017. That was the day that US No.1 Amanda Sobhy ruptured her Achilles tendon during her semi-final clash with compatriot Olivia Blatchford Clyne at the Ciudad de Floridablanca. After spending almost an entire year away from the game, and falling away from […]

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U.S. OPEN: US Star Sobhy Comes Back . to End El Tayeb’s Title Defense

United States No.2 Amanda Sobhy completed an astonishing comeback from two games down to eliminate defending FS Investments U.S. Open champion Nour El Tayeb in round three of the PSA World Tour Platinum tournament held at Philadelphia’s Drexel University. Sobhy, a former World No.6, had spent 10 months on the sidelines due to an achilles […]

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Amanda Sobhy Strikes Double Gold at Pan Ams; Team USA Earns Six Individual and Doubles Medals

Team USA’s Amanda Sobhy and Sabrina Sobhy earned women’s doubles gold medals Wednesday afternoon, before Amanda defeated Sabrina in the women’s individual final Wednesday night to earn Team USA two gold medals at the 2018 Pan American Championships in the Cayman Islands. Wednesday saw the culmination of both the men’s and women’s individual draws and […]

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