Amanda Sobhy Schedule

2018-2019 Tournament & Event Schedule

Date Event Result
July 26-29 Nantucket Invitational WSDA (Nantucket, MA) Finalist
Aug 26-Sept 1 PanAmerican Fed Cup (Cayman Islands) Individual, Doubles, and Team Gold Medalist
Sept 11-16 Women’s World Team Championships (Dalian, China) 5th Place
Sept 27-Oct 2 Netsuite Open (San Francisco, CA) Round of 16
Oct 6-13 US Open (Philadelphia, PA) Quarterfinals
Oct 18-22 Carol Weymuller (Brooklyn Heights, NY) Quarterfinals
Oct 26-28 LA Open WSDA (Los Angeles, CA) Winner
Nov 18-25 Hong Kong Open (Hong Kong) Round of 16
Jan 10-13 Boston Open WSDA (Boston, MA)
Jan 16-24 Tournament of Champions (NYC, NY)
Feb 22-March 2   World Championships (Chicago, IL)
March 11-15 Black Ball Open (Cairo, Egypt)
March 29-31 US Nationals (Washington, DC)
April 17-26 El Gouna International (El Gouna, Egypt)
April 9-14 DPD Open (Eindhoven, Holland)
May 9-13 Manchester Open (Manchester, England)
May 19-16 British Open (Hull, England)