Amanda Sobhy Schedule

2016 – 2017 Tournament & Event Schedule

Highest Rank Rank
Internationally #6
United States #1
Date Event Result
August 23-28 Hong Kong Open (Hong Kong) Finalist
Sept 19-23 Al Ahram International (Cairo, Egypt) Quarter Finalist
Sept 27-Oct 1 Netsuite Open (San Francisco, USA) Finalist
Oct 8-15 US Open (Philadelphia, USA) Semi-Finalist
Nov 4-6 Exhibition in Denver (Denver, USA) N/A
Nov 28-Dec 3 Women’s World Team (Paris, France) 5th Place
Jan 12-19 Tournament of Champions (New York, USA) 2nd Round
Feb. 22- March 1 Windy City Open (Chicago) Quarter Finalist
March 8-March 11 Ciudad de Floridablanca (Columbia) Semi-Finalist
March 20-25 British Open (Hull, England) – Withdrawal due to injury
April 5-14 World Championships (El Gouna, Egypt) – Withdrawal due to injury
April 18 John’s Island Open WDSA (Vero Beach, FL) – Withdrawal due to injury
April 20-23 Hamilton Club Exhibition (Lancaster, PA) – Withdrawal due to injury
May 6 SquashBusters Derby (Boston, MA) – Withdrawal due to injury