Harrow Athletics Sponsor

The “Beast” Clutch can help you swing your way to success on the squash court. The Beast was created to generate unparalleled power and also provide touch for the short game. You can purchase it at sporting goods stores or online.

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US Squash

US Squash Sponsor

As the governing body for squash in the US, USSquash provides funding and support to PSA tour players through the Elite Athlete Program. Believing in parity and equality, they are always looking to grow the sport in the US and to support their athletes. You can contribute to the Amanda Sobhy Squash Fund through USSquash to help offset her tournament and training expenses.

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New York Athletic Club

NY Sports Club Sponsor

New York Athletic Club is one of the most celebrated athletic clubs in the United States. NYAC supports many athletes at the highest levels of professional or Olympic competition while providing world class training facilities at its two locations- the Manhattan City House and Travers Island in Westchester County.

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ID Life

IDLife Sponsor

IDLife is a nutritional company that changes the way people think about their health. They provide Amanda with the nutritional supplements that her body needs in order to perform at her very best in training and competitions. Check out all of their products and take their FREE health assessment here:

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Zarett Rehab & Fitness

Zarett Fitness

Owned by Joe Zarett, Zarett Rehab & Fitness is the only premier fitness facility in Philadelphia that specializes in both physical therapy and personalized fitness program. The Zarett method applies a three-prong approach to rehabilitation, which includes strength training, flexibility improvement and manual muscle work. Joe Zarett and his team provide Amanda with the fitness & recovery care her body needs in order to stay injury free and compete at the highest level.

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Squash Zone

Squash Zone

Squash Zone is a newly created facility in Redwood City that is home to the urban squash program, Squash On Track. Squash Zone provides kids of lower income backgrounds access to squash and education opportunities. Amanda is excited to partner up with a program like Squash Zone.

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The University Club of Boston

The Boston University Club

The University Club of Boston is the base training club for Amanda Sobhy. One of the best social and athletic clubs in Boston, Amanda uses their top-notch facilities for her training

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The AMANDA SOBHY “Beast” Clutch

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