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Giving Back!

Behind every successful athlete is a team of people. My team, or the “A” Team, has been in the making since I graduated university in 2015. As I strive to be the best version of myself, both on and off the court, I need to make sure I surround myself with the best team possible.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE! None of my success would be without the help of my team of coaches. They provide me with the technical training, practice sessions, strategy insights, mental focus, proper nutrition, and structured training schedule in order to help me prepare, and be at my peak performance level for tournament play throughout the year.


Dylan Cunningham

SQUASH COACH – Dylan Cunningham

PSA Player ranked in the Top 100. Currently the Assistant coach of the Drexel Men’s & Women’s Squash team. 2015 graduate of Franklin & Marshall College.

Amanda & Dylan started working together in 2021 when Amanda moved down to Philadelphia.

Dr. Donald Shrump


Dr. Shrump is a high performance sports science coach who specializes in human performance, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, and is a Doctor in Chiropractic. As a former NCAA Division 1 All-American in track and field (decathlon), Dr. Shrump is determined to help athletes prevent injuries and be able to reach their optimal performance levels. Dr. Shrump has been working with Amanda since January 2021 and has been a vital component in keeping her injury free and healthy.

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Shahid Zaman

NUTRITIONIST – Nyree Dardarian

Amanda started working with Nyree in November 2017 when she was rehabbing her Achilles injury down in Philadelphia. Being a licensed & registered dietician and having worked with professional athletes, Nyree changed Amanda’s diet and perception of food to have it fuel her muscles and maximize her performance on court. Since working with Amanda, Nyree provides weekly calls to go over her training schedule and meal planning. Amanda has realized that it’s not only just the squash & fitness training that matters, but also the nutrition and hydration that are just as important.

PHYSIO – Joe Zarett

Amanda started working with Joe in September 2017 when she was rehabbing her Achilles rupture injury. Having a premier fitness facility that specializes in both physical therapy & sports performance combined with the knowledge and care coming from Joe & his team allowed Amanda to get back to competing at a world class level. Without Joe Zarett and his team in Philadelphia, Amanda never would’ve gotten back to that top 10 playing level.

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Dr. Eric Zillmer

MENTAL COACH – Dr. Eric Zillmer

Amanda works with Dr. Z to mentally prepare for competition, in order to maximize performance. Focusing on the mental aspects of squash helps Amanda stay on top of her game before, during, and after tournaments. Dr. Z is a licensed clinical psychologist where he works at Drexel University. Started working with Amanda in 2019.

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Micha Logan


Amanda works with Micah multiple times a week to improve her speed, agility, explosiveness, strength, endurance, and flexibility in order to enhance her performance on court all while staying injury free and healthy. His training specializes specifically in squash movement and specifics, which translates to help Amanda’s movement on court.
Micah Logan
Owner of Next Level Fitness & Wellness in Boston
Started working with Amanda Sept. 2015

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Amanda Sobhy Family

I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dream of becoming the best in the world at squash without the support of my family.