US Open 2023 – Philadelphia USA – Reached Semi-Finals

The squash world was abuzz with excitement as the US Open 2023 unfolded in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, USA. This prestigious event on the squash world tour calendar brought together top talent from across the globe, all competing for glory and recognition.

I’m thrilled to have advanced to the semi-finals in this challenging tournament, facing formidable players from various countries. The unwavering support of my family, who traveled to Philadelphia to stand by me during the matches, and the cheers from the live audience bolstered my victories.

Reaching the semi-finals at the US Open is a testament to my dedication, talent, and relentless hard work in overcoming numerous challenges. The tournament witnessed exhilarating matches, breathtaking rallies, and heart-stopping moments, with more excitement yet to come.

The tournament also brought fantastic news from the Olympic Committee, announcing that Squash is among the five sports approved for the next Olympic cycle in LA 2028. This is a significant milestone for the global squash community and a moment we’ve all eagerly anticipated.


Following this competition, I’m back home to Florida to recharge my mind and body for upcoming challenges.


Now, I’m gearing up for my next tournament, the PanAmerican Games, set to kick off in Santiago, Chile on October 28th, where I’ll proudly represent the US Team.